PETA Sends Condoms To Hunters To Stop Them Breeding

PETA Sends Condoms To Hunters To Stop Them Breeding

Outspoken animal protection organisation PETA has sent condoms to hunters in a campaign to stop them reproducing.

The organisation revealed today it was behind the condom brand Huntsman. The brand had been marketed for several months, handed out to huntsmen at big events and posted to the Trump brothers, who are hunters themselves.

However, it turns out it was all a ruse from PETA as a way for hunters to stop reproducing.

“You f*ck with nature, we f*ck with you,” said PETA in an explainer video, adding hunting is often passed down from generation to generation.

“Hardly any kids hunt these days,” said PETA president Ingrid Newkirk. “And if PETA’s condoms have prevented even one more wretched hunter from being born, we have succeeded in saving the lives of deer, birds, and other living things.”

“This condom campaign may have been a bit of a joke at the expense of hunters, but killing animals is no laughing matter,” a statement from PETA said.

“If Huntsman Condoms have helped break the cycle of animal killing in even one hunting family, we have saved animal lives.

“The condoms come only in size Small because, as we all know, hunters are overcompensating for something.”


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