Online Quizzes: The New Lead Generator

Online Quizzes: The New Lead Generator

There are a plethora of quiz makers on the Internet but lately, firms have discovered the ability of quizzes to drive traffic and generate leads thanks to their interactivity and inherent virality, says Fyrebox’s Cyril Gaillard.

News media company BuzzFeed discovered the power of quizzes as a lead generation tool a few years ago. The site’s quiz “What City Should You Actually Live In?” reached north of 20 million views.

Recently launched startups give small businesses the opportunity to replicate BuzzFeed’s success by providing them with  tools to create customised quizzes to meet their marketing goals.

Summer Anne Burton, former head of BuzzFeed’s quiz team, was looking at traffic stats and which posts had done well at the end of last year. She noticed how well quizzes were doing for the site. Burton told the Huffington Post: “Our most shared post was this quiz called ‘Which Grease Pink Lady Are You?’ It had not been a big hit when it was first published, but it had this super long tail.” Its popularity didn’t rise and fall quickly but trailed for months.

Fyrebox saw an opportunity and the Melbourne based company helps site managers and Facebook marketers capitalise on the same kind of traffic by providing a easy to use platform to build customised quizzes without any programming knowledge. More than 90% of he platform’s users create their own quiz within 10 minutes of signing up.

We got the idea from looking at content marketing techniques and their evolution. There was text, images, videos and more recently presentations it was time for more interactivity. A quiz is interactive and engaging, yet simple.

Beauty shops such as Organic Surge have significantly increased online engagement while capturing leads in a fun and engaging way.

Digital marketers are always for looking new ways to engage their clients’ online audience, and quizzes seem to become quickly a new indispensable weapon in their marketing toolbox.

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