NT News Cheeky “See You In The NT?” Early Front Runner For Headline Of The Year

NT News Cheeky “See You In The NT?” Early Front Runner For Headline Of The Year

Those cheeky subs at the fabled Northern Territory News have had a less than subtle dig at the treasurer, Scott Morrison, with its latest front page.

The NT News – that’s never shied away from a bit of stirring and tomfoolery – have questioned why Morrison had never visited the Territory in his 17 month tenure all under he headline, “See you in the NT?”


Yes, it’s rather crude and if you don’t understand it show it to a colleague that could perhaps explain it to you. Or this may help – “CU in the NT”.

It’s actually a play on a similar logo from January where an unnamed source launched the slogan to promote Northern Territory tourism. It was later revealed as a prank.


In its accompanying editorial, The NT News – which had also contacted Morrison’s office for comment – asked why the treasurer had never bothered to visit the Top End. Apparently, Morrsion’s too busy preparing May’s budget but may contemplate a trip after that.

The article also suggested Morrison might be in for an unpleasant time if he were to visit – the Territorians apparently unhappy with the lack of investment in infrastructure by Canberra, as well as recent curbs on foreign investment in the region.

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