NCR Corporation Launches New Commercial Hub Technology

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NCR has announced a new commerce hub that unites an open ecosystem of retail Applications with an omni-channel software platform to provide a frictionless shopping experiences for consumers.

NCR is a computer hardware, software and electronics company which works behind the scenes providing consumer transaction technology in travel, financial services, hospitality (fine dining and fast food) and retail sectors.

The issue for retailers in today’s market is how to integrate consumers with all of these connected devices into one interaction point. According to NCR, the answer to this problem is Retail ONE.

NCR Retail ONE is an omnichannel platform, creating an open ecosystem of retail applications. Retail ONE is a commerce hub that allows retailers to mix and match innovative applications from NCR, its partners and third parties.

A retailer using NCR Retail ONE will be able to utilise the data from cloud servers, on-premise software or a hybrid of both. The open nature of Retail ONE allows retailers to differentiate their businesses in an increasingly competitive retail environment using existing assets.

It also provides a simpler path for retailers to capitalise, and seek out, future retail experiences enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data.

“NCR Retail ONE offers a cost-effective, gradual transition by integrating and leveraging existing hardware and software assets to increase the efficiency of retail operations. Retailers are able to choose applications from a portfolio that is customised to meet their unique business needs and provides the agility and adaptability that they demand,” said Vincent De Stefano, director of sales Oceania Region for NCR Retail Solutions, during a press briefing to launch the new NCR product.

Vincent De Stefano

Vincent De Stefano

NCR Retail One, “provides the consumer a consistent experience, regardless of where they and how they’re shopping, any where, any time, any how. It’s really important that retailers make this transition to this omnichannel, because it really sets themselves up to be competitive. To be able to provide consumers with a frictionless consumer experience,” said Stephanie Lee, NCR director, technology operations & quality, Asia Pacific.

Stephanie Lee

Stephanie Lee

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