Michelle Williams Stars In Foot Locker ‘Stand Out’ Advert

Michelle Williams Stars In Foot Locker ‘Stand Out’ Advert

Sport shoes retailer Foot Locker just released it newest commercial “Stand Out”, starring former stars and celebrities including Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams and retired NBA player Horace Green.

The ad, created by worldwide agency BBDO,  takes the piss out of entertainers who still need a little help “standing out” in a crowded celebrity landscape and a good pair of shoes can help.  Check out the spot:

In case you weren’t obsessed by Destiny’s Child, Michelle Williams was one of the three members (yes, I’m aware there were original four and Williams isn’t an original member- don’t come for me) of Destiny’s Child including Kelly Rowland and an unknown singer called Beyoncé.

There’s a popular Tumblr page called Poor Michelle which documents all the many ways Michelle is the forgotten member of Destiny’s Child. It looks like Williams is embracing her ‘Poor Michelle’ status with this Foot Locker ad.

“Green is celebrated for his dedication on the court, commitment to his teammates and his style off the court, making him a natural fit for this spot,” said Stacy Cunningham, vice president of marketing for Foot Locker. “He is known not only for his individual skills, but also his willingness to have fun and share the spotlight with a growing list of all-star teammates.”

“I’m always excited to work with Foot Locker, and I had a lot of fun shooting with some really talented individuals who have experience being part of successful, celebrated groups,” Green said. “Whether it’s in music or sports, we all know an individual can only achieve so much alone.”

Poor Michelle:


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