Meet The MCs For Ministry of Sports Marketing

Meet The MCs For Ministry of Sports Marketing

We’re a few days away from the first Ministry of Sports Marketing Conference, everyone at B&T has been hitting the gym hard for weeks in preparation! But first, let’s introduce the three talented MCs -Gavin McGarry, James Mathison, Erin Molan- who will be asking the hard hitting questions and making sure everyone gets a ribbon for participation.

Get ready to rumble with MC for the keynote addresses and the brand and content stream, James Mathison. Gavin McGarry, president of Jumpwire Media (US), who is both a keynote speaker and the MC for the digital stream. Erin Molan, sports journalist and NRL Footy Show presenter at Channel 9, is the MC for the commercialisation and partners stream.

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Gavin McGarry- President of Jumpwire Media (US).

Gavin is the president of Los Angeles based social media agency, Jumpwire Media (Clients: Sony, Starz, BBC, Southern Cross Austereo and more), specialising in building and managing social media communities for media and entertainment brands around the world.

Gavin McGarry

“Delegates can expect lots of data about how community and conversation is developing globally in social media. At Jumpwire we don’t think social media should be used for marketing.  It has more power and persuasion as a way to build conversation and develop word of mouth.

We are moving from the interruption ecomony of TV, radio, and newspapers to the conversation economy as people share ideas and information at an ever increasing pace. I will also discuss best practices for each of the social media platforms as well as pro-tips that we use every day to ensure that clients get the most organic reach possible.

“I currently travel all over the world and host events like the digital stream. Delegates will want to come to the digital stream because I will push, prod, and challenge the speakers to give us an indepth look into what they believe. With my extensive background in digital media, I am hoping that I will be able to add to each speakers presentation by asking questions that will reveal insights that might have otherwise gone unnoticed.”

Erin Molan-sports Journalist and NRL Footy Show Presenter Channel 9


“I think the relationship between media, sports marketing, athletes and the public is a really important one. It’s also a relationship that can be better and I’m always looking for ways to make that relationship stronger so that everyone can win.

“Any kind of conference that puts these points up for discussion is exciting; particularly commercialisation and partnership because that is such a big area in the news headlines and media especially for the NRL- the debate around third party deals, personal sponsors versus team sponsors.

“The caliber of the speakers at this conference are next level, so i’m really excited to sit their and listen in between my introductions and learn something.

“I think sport is one of the most powerful things in society and it’s also the most underestimated. There’s a power in sport; we see it when athletes visit sick kids in hospital, I look at my grandpa who’s in his 90s and a die-hard Sydney Swans fan. When we go through tough times or personal battles, sport is an escape and a uniting tool.”

James Mathison -TV Presenter, plus B&T 30 UNDER 30 MC

Mathison is the MC for the day, plus the brand and content stream.


Check out the final program details below and make sure you grab tickets to the conference and awards here. Use the code BANDT to save $100 on tickets.


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