LinkedIn Empowers Social Sellers Through Sales Navigator

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LinkedIn has announced the next evolution for LinkedIn Sales Solutions with Sales Navigator, the sales prospecting tool powered by social selling, now compatible with CRM systems and mobile web.

Sales Navigator is a standalone experience that delivers valuable and actionable information specifically tailored for those in sales.  To date, more than a dozen pilot customers globally, including ADP, Hootsuite, Juniper Networks and Swiss Re, have integrated the latest Sales Navigator into their efforts and are seeing great improvement in the quality of interactions they’re having with buyers.

Cliff Rosenberg, Managing Director S.E. Asia & Australia, NZ at LinkedIn commented, “In this era of social selling, B2B buyers today expect sales professionals to be highly knowledgeable. LinkedIn members are more likely to have a good impression of someone who’s taken the time to be informed about their company and their role, rather than being contacted cold.  In fact, our research shows that 86% would engage with a seller if they provide useful insights about their industry. This number increases to 92% if the sales professional’s profile shows him/her to be genuinely engaged in their industry and a thought leader.”

Cliff Rosenberg

Cliff Rosenberg

In Australia, PayPal, Macquarie Telecom, CGU Insurance, Epicor, St George Bank, and Samsung Electronics Australia (SEA) are examples of local LinkedIn Sales Solutions customers ready to begin harnessing the all-new Sales Navigator to drive increased success for their businesses.

Paul Weingarth, Head of Field Sales, PayPal Australia commented, “The PayPal business is a digital native serving a network of buyers and sellers.  It seems intuitive to us that we would use a hosted network of professionals to efficiently identify and engage with key stakeholders across various departments within an organisation. We’re confident this significant refresh to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator will build on this very useful service and deliver our sales team with even more benefits to help build genuine engagement.”

Sales Navigator key features:                                         

  • Expanded network visibility (up to 3rd degree)
  • Lead recommendations and notifications
  • Compatible with CRM systems such as Salesforce
  • Available in English-only initially
  • Advanced search / InMails / Who’s Viewed Your Profile

Visit the LinkedIn blog to learn more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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