KFC Fans In A Flap As Chicken Chain Starts Using Pork

KFC Fans In A Flap As Chicken Chain Starts Using Pork

Chicken lovers are waking up confused this morning on the news fried chicken chain KFC has just launched a pulled pork burger to its Australian outlets.

Announcing the news on the company’s social media channels page, many have vented their bewilderment at the fast food brand for bringing another type of meat onto the menu.

One Facebook user said they don’t feel comfortable with a chicken brand selling pork, while another reckoned the widening of meat options from KFC means another smaller company will be out of business.

A few on Twitter are rather confused too, many responding to a news.com.au story about the pulled pork burger launch.

Still, while there are customers who can’t get their heads round the concept, there’s others within the nearly 2000 comments on Facebook that have tried the burger, some being rather keen on it.

Similarly, others are venting their outrage at people’s outrage, confused that this is something that deserves outrage.

KFC has been relatively responsive across many of the latest Facebook comments, from customers who are outraged, unsatisfied or happy with the change. In the comments, KFC said it wanted to give its customers more options that just chicken. The pulled pork burger is around for the next four weeks.

Update at 2.30pm – KFC’s comment:

“Yes we can see our fans are a bit surprised but we also know our consumers want to try something different every so often. This is why we have introduced our southern inspired pulled pork burger, for a limited time only.”

Lead image: This is one of KFC’s chicken burgers – not the pulled pork burger.

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