Cloud-based Software Kenshoo Makes Use Of Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities

Cloud-based Software Kenshoo Makes Use Of Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities

Cloud-based marketing software firm Kenshoo has released its latest product which will allow marketers to display ads to consumers that include specific keywords.

The solution, called Intent-Driven Audiences will also utilise Facebook’s targeting capabilities to find similar consumers and gives marketers access to Facebook’s entire ad inventory, including mobile.

the full release:

Kenshoo Expands Audience Management Solutions to Help Marketers Improve Results from Search and Facebook® Ad Campaigns

Proprietary offering, Intent-Driven Audiences, automatically creates and updates Facebook Custom Audiences based on demonstrated consumer intent via search engine activity

San Francisco (June 4, 2014) – Kenshoo (, the global leader in predictive media optimization technology, today announced the beta release of its newest digital marketing targeting solution, Intent-Driven Audiences (IDA). IDA is the first solution in the market that matches clicks on search engine ads to audiences on Facebook in real-time. This allows marketers to show ads to consumers that have searched for specific keywords and also use Facebook’s targeting capabilities to find more customers like them.

“We’re very excited about Intent-Driven Audiences and the ability to leverage signals from search marketing to reach our advertisers’ most valuable customers with Facebook advertising,” said Steve Katelman, EVP of Global Strategic Partnerships at Omnicom Media Group. “Kenshoo’s overall approach to audience management is very innovative, and the solutions they’ve brought to market help advertisers bridge the gap from branding to performance in driving bottom-line results.”

Kenshoo IDA gives marketers access to Facebook’s entire ad inventory, including mobile, as well as Facebook’s advanced filtering capabilities to further refine targeting on top of consumer search intent data. The results of this proprietary approach include lower cost-per-click (CPC) and higher return on investment (ROI) for Facebook ads while, at the same time, improving search engine marketing (SEM) campaigns.

Throughout a multi-month test period for a leading national retailer, Facebook campaigns targeting Intent-Driven Audiences achieved up to 110% higher ROI and 66% lower CPC than their analogous SEM campaigns. Additionally, Kenshoo IDA campaigns on Facebook had significant positive impact on paid search campaign performance with SEM campaign conversion rate increasing by 19%, lifting paid search revenue by an incremental 22%.

“Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities allow marketers to reach the people that matter most to them – their loyal customers. Kenshoo’s Intent-Driven Audiences allows advertisers to bridge audiences across marketing channels by bringing together consumer intent signals from search campaigns and Facebook’s Custom Audience targeting capabilities to drive better results for their marketing efforts,” said Blake Chandlee, VP of Partnerships, Facebook.

IDA is the fourth audience management solution from Kenshoo. The company has been combining the power of its industry-leading multi-channel marketing platform to allow advertisers to not just manage keywords and ad placements, but target and reach customers most likely to convert.

Since January 2013, Kenshoo has offered Facebook Exchange (FBX) access and support. This solution allows marketers to retarget and bid in real time for consumers on Facebook with customized messages based on paid search performance metrics and website activity. Earlier this year, Kenshoo announced it had also integrated with several leading Data Management Platforms (DMPs) so advertisers can target users that have searched for specific keywords through other marketing channels, such as display and email. In addition, Kenshoo has built initial support for Google’s Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA), enabling marketers to optimize bidding on audience-targeted campaigns in Google.

“At Kenshoo, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of math and technology to create meaningful solutions for our clients. Our solutions enabling advertisers to target customers using the most relevant data from their performance marketing channels are great examples of this innovation,” said Will Martin-Gill, SVP, Product for Kenshoo. “Intent-Driven Audiences is another key piece to the puzzle that allows advertisers to move beyond keyword and interest targeting to reach highly-valuable audiences, and the performance improvements we’re seeing are substantial.”

Visit to learn more about Kenshoo Intent-Driven Audiences.

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