Itsy Bitsy Spider Found In Woolworths’ Salad Following Salmonella Recall

Itsy Bitsy Spider Found In Woolworths’ Salad Following Salmonella Recall

The Simpson’s family was right, “you don’t win friends with salad”. A disgruntled Woolies’ customer has posted a video of a huge huntsman spider she found in the Italian style salad mix. Also Woolworths and Coles pre-packaged salads have been recalled due to Salmonella outbreak.

In the post, Zoe Perry said: “Hi Woolworths, Shopping as per usual for Italian Style Salad Mix….get it home….Mum goes to open the packet and we are greeted by….Is this what’s actually behind the “salmonella” callbacks? Kind Regards, An arachnophobic family”

So far Perry’s post has attracted over 42,000 likes, 61,500 shares and 62,000 comments.

A Woolworths’ social media representative responded quickly to Perry’s post on Facebook with:


Perry’s post has mixed responses on Facebook:

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Spider-gate follows Woolworths and Coles recalling prepackaged salads after they were linked to a spate of salmonella cases in Victoria. So far 54 people have been diagnosed with a rare strain of bacteria and two were hospitalised after eating leafy greens linked to Tripod Farmers, based in Bacchus Marsh, west of Melbourne.

The outbreak is believed to be linked to a fertiliser sourced from chickens and used to grow the lettuce.

List of recalled products:

  • Woolworths brand: Spinach 100g, Rocket 100g, Salad mix 100g
  • Wash N Toss: Watercress 100g, Sorrell 50g, Baby Cos 100g, Spinach 100g, Salad Mix 100g, Rocket 100g, Kale 100g
  • Coles brand: Spinach 60g, Rocket 60g and 120g, Spinach and Rocket 120g, Spinach 120g, 4Leaf 120g and 200g
  • SupaSalad: SupaSalad 180g, Green Coral 180g, Supamix 1kg, Spinach 1kg, Rocket 1kg, Baby Cos 1kg, Spinach 180g

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