Indie Creative Agency Connecting Plots Launches a.glo Platform To Boost Social Effectiveness

Indie Creative Agency Connecting Plots Launches a.glo Platform To Boost Social Effectiveness

Independent creative agency Connecting Plots has launched a platform dedicated to channel-specific advertising for social and digital to increase media efficiency and creative effectiveness.

Called “a.glo,” the platform challenges the industry’s old habits and specifically targets the recurring and systematic problem of wasting ad dollars by using creative that isn’t fit for purpose.

The new platform combines creative, brand, media and production thinking to deliver full-funnel, fit-for-channel and fit-for-purpose and proven creative solutions. It will also use marketing diagnostics to unearth wastage and opportunities to create a strategy to achieve the business objectives within different channels.

Clients’ existing creative and assets can then be re-engineered to deliver on the strategic objectives without the need for extensive production requirements.

“If you think about Meta’s ecosystem alone there are upwards of 20 ad formats,” said Tom Phillips, co-founder & CEO of Connecting Plots.

“And against those formats, there are six different strategic objectives you can buy against that each require tailored creative solutions. Anything from different messaging, allowances for sounds, moving image, different calls-to action and more. Multiply that again by Snap, TikTok and YouTube, and this number goes to well above 40. So a ‘matching luggage’ approach of creating a 30” TVC and a 15” and 6” cutdown simply doesn’t cut the mustard.”

While the platform is new, Connecting Plots said it has been working in this way with Meta, Snap and other platforms for more than five years across a variety of verticals including financial services, consumer tech, FMCG, retail and automotive.

“Clients are approaching us directly or via our platform partnerships to fix the same problem – their creative for these channels isn’t performing and is often an afterthought,” added Phillips.

“A great example of a.glo in motion is where we worked with Meta across 12 auto brands to test platform-optimised content vs. non-optimised content. Meta found that the majority of adverts uploaded to Facebook and Instagram weren’t created social-first, resulting in huge inefficiencies and poor performance. By putting it through the a.glo process, we were able to increase reach by 200 per cent for the same budget, reduce cost per lead by 50 per cent, reduce cost per finance conversion by 45 per cent and reduce cost per model page visit by 54 per cent.

a.glo can be extended to platform partners, direct clients and agencies to ensure best-practice social and digital can be easily accessible for brands across Asia Pacific.

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