Hey Adland, Stop Jumping On Board Trending Topics

Kiev, Ukraine - May 20, 2013 - Hand pointing on keyboard with social media logotype collection of well-known social network brand's placed on keyboard buttons. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and more other logos.

Sometimes there are bandwagons that brands just shouldn’t jump on, here’s a list of brands that really should have paused before posting these online.

Burger King

American burger companies Burger King, WhataBurger and White Castle have jumped on board a hip hop beef between rappers Drake and Meek Mill.

Last week rapper Meek Mill took to Twitter to call out Drake for not writing his own lyrics, yo. It’s all really blown up from there, but probably has reached the height of ridiculous with these posts:


Louie The Fly

#PutYourDressOut was created to express sympathy for the murder of Leeton schoolteacher Stephanie Scott. It probably wasn’t the best place for Mortein insect repellant to post this: 105543-2fc95ab4-e1a3-11e4-ad56-582b16c0a3e6

DiGiorno Pizza

#WhyIStayed trended earlier this year about the issue of domestic violence awareness. An American pizza company DiGiorno Pizza probably should have known better not to tweet “#WhyIStayed You had pizza”. The tweet has since been deleted:

Singapore Airline

Singapore Airline probably shouldn’t have posted this on Facebook about the MH17 tragedy:

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