B&T Exclusive: Google Australia Reveals The Things We Searched For Most In 2015

B&T Exclusive: Google Australia Reveals The Things We Searched For Most In 2015

Search engine behemoth Google has given B&T an exclusive look at the words, things, businesses we Australians are most likely to search for.

The results – detailed in full in the latest print edition of B&T – make for interesting insight into the Googling habits of Aussies.

Maile Carnegie

Maile Carnegie, CEO of Google Australia (pictured above), said the results had primarily been taken from what people were searching on their mobiles. “On mobile, our expectations are immediate and contextual,” she told B&T.

Carnegie added that the new research “showed how Australians are behaving on their mobiles and what what our broader search trends reveal about our national psyche”.


The top searches for each day of the week…

  1. Monday – the gym
  2. Tuesday – jobs and recruitment
  3. Wednesday – cheap flights
  4. Thursday – Powerball
  5. Friday – traffic
  6. Saturday – cocktails
  7. Sunday – hangover

Orange Is The New Black

The top trending and fastest growing search terms in Australia…

  1. Netflix
  2. The Asian Cup
  3. Jurassic World (the movie)
  4. The Cricket World Cup
  5. Caitlyn Jenner
  6. Centrelink


 The top businesses Australians search for…

  1. McDonald’s
  2. Coles
  3. Bunnings Warehouse
  4. Woolworths
  5. Kmart
  6. Domino’s Pizza
  7. KFC

pink tie

 The top ‘how to’s’ we searched for

  1.  How to tie a tie
  2. How to make pancakes
  3. How to write a resume
  4. How much can I borrow?
  5. How to lose weight fast
  6. How to draw
  7. How to get rid of pimples

Menu & Cutlery on A Restaurant Table

 Most common ‘near me’ searches in Australia over the past five years

  1.  Restaurant near me
  2. Shops near me
  3. Food near me
  4. Laundromat near me
  5. Bottle shop near me


The top trending coffee searches

  1. Blackbird coffee
  2. Coffee near me
  3. Anvil Coffee Co
  4. Vittoria Coffee
  5. Butter coffee

WIM flowers

The top trending searches were Australians rule the world

  1. Best coffee
  2. Gift ideas
  3. Florists
  4. How to change a light globe

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