Fury As Brisbane School Kids Forced To Ride Sexpo Bus

Fury As Brisbane School Kids Forced To Ride Sexpo Bus

Brisbane parents have begun petitioning the Queensland premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, after advertisements for Sexpo began appearing on billboards around schools and buses the kids were travelling to school in.

A concerned mother, Angela Burrows, whose kids have been using the Sexpo-adorned buses has started a Change.org petition to have the advertising removed.

Sexpo, of course, is an annual four-day exhibition that features adult themes and material of a sexually explicit nature. The ads, although not overtly risqué themselves, advertise Sexpo’s Brisbane dates while the imagery is of clothed people partying.

Burrows has called the ads “inappropriate” adding: “As a mum of three young kids who regularly use public transport for school and sporting activities I was appalled to hear that Sexpo 2017 was advertising on public buses across the country.

“Strippers, sex hotlines, nudity – explicit images are being splashed across our kids’ school buses. Right now, buses are picking up school kids with these inappropriate ads for the upcoming adult sex event, Sexpo,” she said in her petition.

Burrows added that Advertising Standards Board was “failing us” by not acting to remove the offending ads.

However, a spokesperson for Sexpo has defended the ads saying they were “not overtly sexual in any way and do not contain any graphic content.”

The spokesperson, whose comments were reported on News.com.au, added, “They simply highlight the event name, the dates of the event and some key show attractions.”

It has been reported that the premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk, has not as yet made any formal comment on the petition.

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