Is The Focus On An Influencer’s Follower Count Enough?

Is The Focus On An Influencer’s Follower Count Enough?

Melissa Peters, founder, creative director & influencer marketing lead and, has watched influencer marketing soar to the heavens, but questions their ability to engage an audience.

The rise of influencer marketing in 2016, has seen many brands search for influencer connections. But is the focus on an influencer’s follower count enough?

Engaging influencers in brand stories is what matters most for influencer marketing effectiveness. The more passionate an influencer becomes about products and services, the more willing they are to collaborate and share brand stories.

Creativity needs to be included in influencer marketing strategies as a key element to success. Creative brand ideas and campaigns that are made with influencer involvement from the ground up, are the most successful at driving engagement from influencers and their fans.

Influencer marketing with creative concepts and creative strategies also builds loyalty and collaboration opportunities with influencers. Influencers are more likely to be involved with creative projects and brands when they are included in compelling ideas and involved in meaningful ways.

As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, savvy audiences will switch off from standard influencer shares and promotions. Engaging influencers in rich brand experiences and creative collaborations will be key for maximum impact.


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