Efficiency On Steroids – Five Apps That Will Make Your Engine Run

Efficiency On Steroids – Five Apps That Will Make Your Engine Run

Like any other industry, marketers can get bogged down in the drudge of procrastination, endless strategy meetings, and creative block. Australian-based app developer, Robbie Adams from Mobilyser, shares with us top five programs we need to jump on to boost productivity.

Get teams on track with Trello

For marketers working in the visual culture industry, managing to stay organised in a visually interesting way is a refreshingly contemporary step away from typical running Excel documents. With exceedingly complex projects that seem as if there are too many balls in the air, having a point of contact for project management is a godsend. Trello is a great app to manage responsibilities, progress status and accountability.

Battle Copywriters Block with Writing Challenge

For those days you can’t seem to put two words together, Writing Challenge gets your word stream flowing again. It prompts you to start a story and then, at preset intervals, throws in more suggestions to develop your prose.

A short exercise to keep the creative juices flowing.

Sketch your visual ideas down with Bamboo Paper

You never know when creative inspiration will hit. Get visual ideas down before they become a fuzzy memory with Bamboo Paper.

With different brushes, notebook styles, and Cloud ability, Bamboo Paper allows you to drop your digital sketches in across all devices. Too easy.

Collaborate with Office Chat

When you work in the advertising space, collaborative environments are an important resource to draw upon to get the juices flowing. Offices are more and more turning towards open plan work environments (good, bad or otherwise), and the off shoot of that is it can mean a lot of noise and disruption of workflow.

To keep the office a zone of concentration without having to plug headphones in like an anti-social luddite, Office Chat is a great IM alternative for when you need to send quick shout outs to your copywriter across the room.

Compatible across both desktop and mobile devices, the IM service is a great way to keep your work chats within office hours. – Especially handy when the team are between meetings or on the go.

Ban the highlighter, outsource the admin

Mobilyser keeps you productive on your creative pursuits, rather than focussing your energy on the boring administrative things that can eat into your personal life.

Mobilyser separates your work and personal calls and data usage, creating an easy-to-read report you can submit to your employer, accountant or directly to the ATO come tax time. Scrap the highlighter and outsource the admin, freeing up your personal time for creative side projects.



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