DDB Melbourne Promotes Internally For New Managing Partner

DDB Melbourne Promotes Internally For New Managing Partner

Six months ago, the DDB Melbourne office underwent a significant management restructure.

David Brown and Darren Spiller were appointed as joint leaders across the group business units; DDB Melbourne, RAPP, Tribal, DDB Shop, and Mango. In addition, DDB acquired segment specialists, Lifelounge and Dion Appel was appointed as managing director of DDB Melbourne.

Another exciting new development is Dion Appel’s promotion of Sarah Bailey to managing partner.

Bailey has been with DDB Melbourne for the most part of 13 years. In that time she has played a pivotal role in building enduring client partnerships, nurturing talent and is best positioned to work with Appel as he drives DDB Melbourne forward.

Appel commented, “We’re focused on consumer centricity to deliver best in class thinking and creative to help our clients’ businesses grow. A big part of getting our new model right is working with the smartest and sharpest talent – a profile fitting of Sarah Bailey.

“I’ve drawn upon Sarah’s extensive knowledge of the DDB Melbourne business, and her client experience, to help shape the new model. I’m delighted to have Sarah’s support. She’s a valued member of the leadership team, always guiding our talent to learn and strive for excellence whilst going over and above for our clients. I look forward to working closely with Sarah to help drive the agency to new heights with her added responsibility as managing partner.”

Bailey commented, “After over a decade at DDB I’ve seen and been part of a lot of change; both in the industry and here at DDB. And I think that now more than ever our focus should be great creative ideas. I still really believe in the power of creativity and want this to be what more of our conversations with clients are about. I’m excited to be a part of bringing great ideas to life in our new model and to build the profile of business management as being critical in this process.”

DDB Melbourne Group managing director David Brown said, “The appointment of Sarah Bailey to managing partner is very much in line with our new company strategy and vision; to build brand love. She combines her excellent interpersonal skills with a sharp intellect and strong business acumen to deliver exceptional results.”

DDB Melbourne chief creative officer Darren Spiller added, “We refer to our staff as ‘talent’ for a reason: we don’t just hire people to fill roles, we attract charismatic people that are creative and curious. Nurturing and encouraging their personal interests is a top priority.”

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