Crowdfunding Campaign To Celebrate Asylum Seekers In Australia

Crowdfunding Campaign To Celebrate Asylum Seekers In Australia

A bunch of creatives from the advertising industry are hoping to overturn some of the prejudices against refugees by showcasing some real-life examples of Aussies who came by boat. The I Came By Boat campaign aims to raise up to $55,000 to install outdoor advertising in prominent public places across the country.

The campaign launched on a crowdfunding platform for socially-conscious projects from around the world. A bunch of ad creatives are doing some good in a new campaign that shows refugees are amazing, superhero people who contribute positively to a society.

The ad includes world-renowned orthopedic surgeon Munjed al Muderis, Vietnamese-born dentist and yoga teacher Fern White, and non-profit worker Najeeba Wazefadost — all of whom came to Australia by boat.

According to the donation site, “We feel there is a need in Australia to shed some positive light on asylum seekers who come by boat and to highlight the social, economic and cultural diversity they bring to the country.

“Through the poster campaign, we will hope to emphasize the importance of accepting them and welcoming them into the Australian community.”

The coordinator Blanka Dudas is a successful international makeup artist who was a refugee herself – from former Yugoslavia.

Dudas said: “I know what it’s like to run for your life with nothing but the clothes you are wearing, and to have to start again. I am grateful for the treatment I received; it was immensely helpful in rebuilding my life. I was able to create a successful career as a makeup artist, in Australia and overseas. I would like to see that sort of opportunity given to all asylum seekers, no matter how they get here.’


Campaign Coordinator: Blanka Dudas

Photographer: Lucas Allen

Producer: Alexandra Allen

Art Director: Simone Elder

Studio and equipment by Doug MacGregor at Daylight Studios.

The campaign organisers are planning to launch the posters in March 2016.

To donate, click here. 

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