Court Hears Intimate Details Of Amber Harrison’s Affair With NOVA Exec

Court Hears Intimate Details Of Amber Harrison’s Affair With NOVA Exec

Details of Amber Harrison’s relationship with another media heavyweight, Nova Entertainment’s program director, Paul Jackson (main picture), have been revealed in court documents in her ongoing battle with Channel Seven.

Seven tendered the evidence to the NSW Supreme Court yesterday where Harrison was due to read a three-page submission via telephone before Seven’s lawyers blocked the call wanting to vet her statement beforehand.

Relating to Harrison’s failed relationship with Jackson in 2011, Seven’s lawyers said they wanted to show the former Seven PA had a history of “vindictive” and “malicious” press revenge campaigns against prominent men she had dated.

The documents revealed an email chain between Harrison and a colleague who worked in PR, in which Harrison expressed her desire to take “revenge” on Jackson after he lost romantic interest in her.

Emails show that Harrison wrote that Jackson reportedly texted her 30 times a day and sent her flowers, “BEGGING to see me. It was [u]nbelievable,” Harrison wrote.

In another text message, Jackson wrote: “I dreamt of you last night. My subconscious has us travelling the world, letting you into my previously unseen/unheard life experiences.”

He then reportedly wrote: “I’ve got a giant hard on in a Board meeting next to Lachlan about you, not the best of looks,” in an apparent reference to Lachlan Murdoch.

Jackson has not denied having a relationship with Harrison which reportedly ended abruptly after just two weeks when Harrison found he’d been sending similar messages to another woman.

“He is one massively fucked up unit. He hasn’t figured out we ALL know each other. He thinks he is still in London in a city of 10 mils where you can hide this shit,” Harrison wrote.

A vengeful Harrison then reportedly leaked Jackson’s private emails and embarrassing photos to media outlets. At the time Sydney’s The Daily Telegraph picked up the story and ran it in its gossip pages that inferred an anonymous radio boss had sent lascivious texts to a colleague.

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