Confirmit Sets Its Sights On The Future With Insight 2036 Survey

Confirmit Sets Its Sights On The Future With Insight 2036 Survey

To catch a glimpse of what the insight industry will look like in twenty years, Confirmit has launched an Australian-wide survey asking for insights from the very professionals who will be determining that future.

Will robots rule? Will people automatically transmit their customer experience feedback via an implant in their arm? Will this survey about surveys be obsolete?

Part of an international program to drive innovation as Confirmit celebrates its 20th Anniversary, ‘Insight 2036’ will also be highlighted at the Customer 360 Forum in Sydney on October 26 where two of Confirmit’s global superstars, Phil Durand and Lisa Garthside, will host inspiring roundtable discussions.

‘Insight 2036’ is a short online questionnaire that asks Voice of the Customer (VoC), Voice of the Employee (VoE) and Market Research (MR) professionals and the wider tech arena to imagine it is 25th October 2036 and to share their thoughts about how their worlds will evolve over the next 20 years.

Will surveys still reign supreme? Or will the Internet of Things and Big Data provide all the input that businesses need?

Perhaps there will still be plenty of people completing questionnaires, but will robots be conducting the interviews?

And what devices will be used to provide, analyse and act on the data that is available?

“This informal survey provides an opportunity for us to pause to consider what the world of insight will look like in 2036,” Terry Lawlor, Confirmit EVP of Product Management said.

“Much of the technology we are talking about is real now, coming soon or a technological possibility, but its impact on our industries is still very much open to debate.

“While this is a light-hearted take on predicting the future, we believe there will be some interesting and insightful views about the shape of things to come that will spark real debate among our peers.

“We’re looking forward to gathering a raft of predictions for the future and will share the results at the end of the year.”

The ‘Insight 2036’ survey follows the success of Confirmit’s ‘What type of Market Researcher are you?’ program which ran last year.

Results from that research generated widespread discussion across the international Market Research community and at key Confirmit events.

The research will drive similar discussions across all of the markets that Confirmit serves about ‘What’s next?’, ensuring that all those involved in gathering, analysing and sharing insight can have their say.

The survey will also stimulate debate through social media, as Confirmit will ask respondents to create a tweet as if it is 2036 after completion.

Tweet using the hashtag #Insight2036 and Confirmit will retweet the best responses, with the aim of prompting social discussion about what the future of insight really has in store.

Start the debate now by participating in Insight 2036!

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