Cinematcher App: ‘Tinder’ For Film, TV & Digital Media Jobs

Cinematcher App: ‘Tinder’ For Film, TV & Digital Media Jobs

Cinematcher is a unique matchmaking app that connects production crew members to television and film projects. The app provides an easy to use, cost effective process for anyone in the media industry who is looking to hire or get hired for productions. B&T chats with CEO and founder of Cinematcher, Lauren Magura about the inspiration behind the app and its features.

Magura first job was a media coordinator at NBCUniversal where she worked on over 19 networks, including the broadcast of the 2012 London Olympics. She then transitioned into publicity and promotions for Universal Pictures; where she implemented and worked red carpet premieres, press junkets, celebrity public appearance tours, word-of-mouth campaigns, specialty marketing efforts, screening programs, radio interview tours and Q&As.

“I created strong friendships with individuals in the industry, and began to shadow production shoots, anywhere from an indie feature film, to a low budget web series or podcast taping,” Magura said.

“Everyone in the production industry was so gracious and welcoming to let an outsider come into their creative world. I instantly became addicted not only to the process of shooting these projects, but to the extreme passion and dedication of everyone in the industry. The production crews ranged from people who just had a baby and had traveled from all across the country, to people who worked day and night on one project and then worked even harder just to find their next.

“The true passion and love for creating these projects from every single person on each and every set I have been on, pushed me to put Cinematcher into motion. Our goal is to provide a more stable and instant way of finding and creating work, in a not so stable industry. We also aim to open a digital door for people who may not know how to break in.”

And so, Cinematcher was born:

“Being in the film industry, we saw the massive disconnect between professionals that want to hire and get hired. The process is lengthy, costly, and has little to no return based off of the demand of individuals trying to break into the industry. The industry also weighs heavily on “who you know.” It is a huge Word-of-mouth industry, which makes it sometimes impossible to find talent, or projects if you do not already have an in somewhere. Cinematcher is hoping to become that in for ANYONE who is passionate in joining the industry.

“We understand the urgency and need to get things done in an instant. When paying for a location and set, even a few minutes can add up to more money. Having something on your phone that enables you to work instantly, while still on set, can change the industry! Our process provides instant results so people can focus on their work and creative process instead of spending hours sifting through irrelevant job posts. We want to keep people behind the camera and NOT the job board!”


  • Users have the option to “Hire” and “Get Hired” simultaneously, categorizing their matches and connections for each. This features benefits filmmakers who like to work on their own projects, while still getting hired to work on others productions.
  • The Geographical Locator uses the GPS on users’ phones to connect crew members and projects based on location. Users can choose the mileage of how far they want their matches to populate.
  • Use the “Quick Connect” feature to match projects and production crew members instantly. This feature comes in handy when a project is already in production and is in dire need of an essential crew member. This feature also uses GPS to populate members who are available immediately in the area a production is shooting.
  • Eliminate paid television radio, and print advertisements for extras! The “extras” feature allows users to post the job details, add in the number of extras needed, and auto-accept for extras that are needed in large quantities. If 200 extras are needed for a shoot, the user simply types in “200”, and the unique auto accept feature automatically confirms the first 200 hires.
  • Users have the option to connect their profile through their LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Users can also add links to their social pages, and more importantly to their IMDb, YouTube, and personal website pages so their digital resume is all accessible within their single profile.
  • Users have the option to click “Connect” with their matches. Once two users connect, they have the capability to message each other and accept the matches they want to work with.

Despite the amount of people in New York interested in comedy and film production, finding talented, experienced and reliable help–let alone at the last-minute–can be a nightmare. I’m really excited to see that the geniuses at Cinematcher have seized the opportunity to fill this void. I’m downloading this immediately

Jeff Ayars-Co-Founder, Cannibal Milkshake Comedy

SXSW Pitch:

Hunting for the next shoot is a painful process. With Cinematcher the client can come to me. They come knowing my reel, rate, and equipment package without having to go through an awkward hustle. It keeps me behind the lens instead of a job board.

Matt Novak- Cinematographer

If you want to sign up for the app to get notified of its launch, click here.  If anyone interested in investing please contact Magura with Subject Line “Cinematcher Funding.”

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