ChildFund Revolutionises Christmas Catalogue With ‘Post A Postie’ Campaign Via March One

ChildFund Revolutionises Christmas Catalogue With ‘Post A Postie’ Campaign Via March One

ChildFund Australia has revolutionised its 2017 Christmas Gifts for Good catalogue with its ‘Post a Postie’ campaign that will allow Australians to transport life-saving goods and services to children and families in need in Cambodia via the humble postie bike.

ChildFund’s Gifts for Good Catalogue offers Australians the opportunity to buy real gifts that change lives. Every item has been designed to have a major impact on children living in poverty.

‘Post a Postie’ also offers people the opportunity to fund the actual vehicle needed to deliver those items to hard-to-reach communities.

The ‘Post a Postie’ campaign is being supported by an impressive line-up of well-known Australians, including celebrity chef Julie Goodwin, Channel Seven sports presenter Mark Beretta, actress Daniele Cormack and Bondi Rescue stars Andy Reid, Corey Oliver and Ryan Clarke.

ChildFund Australia’s public engagement director, Di Mason, said: “Each gift in the catalogue has been selected on a needs basis and with the aim of families becoming self-sufficient.

“When you buy a reading kit for a child in Cambodia, that’s because educational materials have been identified as a critical need in the communities where ChildFund works.

“The postie bike is the vehicle that will deliver the vital goods and services such as life-saving food, clean water and vaccinations, as well as books, seedlings and mosquito nets to children and families living in remote communities.

The postie bike can negotiate narrow suspension bridges, flooded roads and dirt tracks, and reach those villages inaccessible by car.

Fundraising agency March One was briefed by ChildFund to design a new concept for its Christmas Gifts for Good catalogue.

Greg Bechly, managing director and owner of March One, said careful consultation with the ChildFund donor community about the Gifts for Good catalogue guided the campaign approach.

“We learned that while it used to be a novelty to send someone a goat for Christmas – that’s not really the case anymore,” he said. “We needed to give the program its smile moment back.

“Critical to the success of the campaign is creating an emotional connection with a group of deep believers, as well as being true to ChildFund’s mission of helping children.

“We found our hero in the shape of a popular little motorbike called the postie bike that not only delivers Christmas gifts here in Australia, but also to villages in Cambodia and Papua New Guinea, thanks to ChildFund.”

The ‘Post a Postie’ campaign is set to tap into the 400,000 postie-bike owners in Australia along with the three million motorcycle riders aged over 60 years old.

Ben Coverdale, creative director and owner of March One, said: “When we spoke directly with ChildFund donors, we realised that not only did they want to help children, they wanted to be part of the story.

“We are calling the Postie Bike this year’s charity gift of the year. It’s tongue in cheek, but we think that a gift that delivers food, clean water, and life-saving vaccinations to kids who need our support is hard to beat.

“And for those who can’t afford to buy a whole bike, you can still purchase nuts and bolts, a helmet, a wheel, a seat, an apprenticeship or a basket of supplies.

“ChildFund’s supporters can see where their donation is going, quite literally, and they are very much part of that narrative.”

A TVC has been created along with videos that will be pushed out via an online and social media campaign targeting people who are members of postie bike and motorbike clubs.

The TVC will appear across the free-to-air channels and Foxtel, with a direct mail campaign also being employed.

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