Chat With Miss Piggy On Facebook Messenger

Chat With Miss Piggy On Facebook Messenger

Did you wake up this morning and thought to yourself: “I wish I could chat with Miss Piggy from The Muppets on Facebook Messenger”? Well now is your chance with a promotion for The Muppets show where fans can have a one-on-one chat with Miss Piggy.

The Muppets character will be hosting the Up Late with Miss Piggy section on The Muppets program on Tuesday. The chat bot, which is pretending to be Miss Piggy, has been developed by Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media Labs and is powered by startup Imperson.

Kermit added: “I think having a conversation with Miss Piggy will give fans a good idea of what I go through every day. I think everyone will learn something, plus I’ll get an hour of peace and quiet while she’s chatting with fans. Win-win!”

miss piggy


Here’s an example of a Miss Piggy conversation:



This is not the first time a marketing team has used Facebook Messenger to promote a brand; in October a Back To The Future chat gave users the chance to have a messaging exchange with Doc Brown.

Eyal Pfeifel, CTO of Imperson, said: “This is the most effective form of advertising and promotion. The user wants to speak with Doc Brown and hear what Doc Brown has to say.”

Facebook’s Messenger app has over 700 million users giving brands the opportunity to engage with a huge audience. “Facebook has additional value allowing this to be shared virally,” Pfeifel said.

Head on over to Miss Piggy’s Facebook page to have a chat.

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