The Charming John Lewis Ad Is Back, But Has He Ruined Christmas?

The Charming John Lewis Ad Is Back, But Has He Ruined Christmas?

The highly anticipated annual John Lewis Christmas special has returned to us, and features an unlikely star in Buster the boxer. But not all parents are loving it.

While the ad itself is hilarious, featuring a stack of graceful wild animals frolicking around on a child’s trampoline Christmas gift (see below), there’s one flaw that has Twitter talking.

In the beginning of the ad, as the young girl excitedly goes to sleep on Christmas Eve, her dad is the one putting the trampoline together in the backyard, with no help from Santa Claus, which poses a potential nightmare for parents watching the ad with their kids.

Per Daily Mail, a store spokesman said, “We’re sure Father Christmas has also visited Bridget and Buster the night before, this is just an extra special gift from her parents because she loves to bounce”.

Watch the ad here:

John Lewis has a history of crafting gorgeous ads every Christmas, like this tear-jerker from last year.

But the missing appearance of a certain fat man with a white beard and red suit hasn’t gone unnoticed.

But forget these party poopers, check out what everyone else thought:

Merry Christmas folks.

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