Brands Take a Bite Out of Suarez Saga

Brands Take a Bite Out of Suarez Saga

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Suarez's Italian chomp proved an irresistible marketing opportunity for many brands.


In the midst of Luis Suarez  allegedly chomping away at Italy’s Giorgio Chiellini in the World Cup, brands jumped on the chance to take a bite out of the drama.

The real-time marketing opportunities of the unfolding scenario proved too irresistible for some brands so AdWeek over in the US has compiled a bunch of some of the best responses and tongue-in-cheek plays on the saga.

Snickers prides itself on being more satisfying than an Italian…


…while Cinnamon Toast Crunch believes biting should only be used when it involves cinnamon and sugar.



Similarly, apparently biting is also not a done thing in baseball.


And who’s ever accidentally done this with a twist top?

budlightCheck out what some other brands had to say on AdWeek.

Bec Brown from Bec Brown Communications has also noted the parody The Wiggles made was grabbing a lot of attention…

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