The Bots Are Coming: Humans Need Not Apply

The Bots Are Coming: Humans Need Not Apply

The marketing and advertising industry is jumping up and down like an impatient two year old as it waits for marketing Automation to Pick Up Pace.

But will our desire to hurry along progress and willingness to step back and let computers do the tasks that make our heads hurt backfire? Probably. And according to this video by C.G.P. Grey the impact will be felt sooner rather then later.

As mechanical muscles pushed horses out of the economy, mechanical minds will do the same to humans. Not immediately, not everywhere, but in large enough numbers and soon enough that it’s going to be a huge problem if we are not prepared. And we are not prepared.

This 15-minute video (yes it is long but it is worth it) ‘Humans Need Not Apply’ discusses the technological developments that the world is clamoring for today and its likely future impact on human jobs.

Robots are coming for baristas, lawyers and even doctors.

If you think you’re sitting pretty in your creative ‘storytelling’ role. You’re wrong – artificial creativity is coming for you.


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