Beer Brand Forced To Remove Sexist Brews After “Misogynistic” Campaign

Beer Brand Forced To Remove Sexist Brews After “Misogynistic” Campaign

A beer brewery in South Africa has been forced to apologise after the company was slammed worldwide for its sexist flavours in a new ad campaign.

Vale Bru’s latest varieties centre around female hair colours, including names such as “Filthy Brunette”, “Easy Blonde”, and “Ripe Redhead”.

The “Easy Blonde” is accompanied by the tagline, “All your friends have already had her.”

While the brunette flavour says, “When gushing and moist are used to describe something, then you know.”


Now, Vale Bru has issued an apology, stating it never intended to offend anyone with the campaign.

“Our attempt at making you‚ and ourselves‚ uncomfortable‚ worked.

“However‚ we never meant to belittle or degrade you.”

“If those keyboard crusaders want to carry on‚ feel free,” it added.

The campaign garnered international attention, with many fellow brewers calling out the company.

According to the ABC, Brewmistress founder Lucy Corne said, “It’s like a bunch of 14-year-old boys were tasked with designing a range of beer labels”.

“Clearly the whole #metoo movement has passed these guys by,” she wrote.

“Your ‘hilarious’ beer names show your attitude towards women — as something to have sex with. Not to be respected or included. I’m not a prude — I understand that sex sells, but these names don’t hint at respectful sex.”

Others took to Instagram to call out the Vale Bru.

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