BBC Puffs Up Vivid With Life Story

BBC Puffs Up Vivid With Life Story

BBC Worldwide last night kicked off another partnership with Destination NSW as part of the Vivid Festival, which sees it projecting excerpts from its latest Sir David Attenborough documentary Life Story onto the roof of Sydney’s historic ‘Argyle Cut’ in the Rocks.

Speaking at a relaxed soiree to mark the occasion, managing director, BBC Worldwide Australia & New Zealand Jon Penn said “tonight, we’re taking over the Argyle Cut and that display will be up for the full 18 days of the festival, which is a bit of a first for us as well.”

This year’s installation in the Argyle Cut marks the second year that BBC has teamed up with Destination NSW. In 2014, BBC beamed “the timeless time lord Dr Who” onto Customs House in a one-night only event. “In a way that was really befitting of Dr Who, those images that were put on customs house were packaged up and captured and transported all over the world,” said Penn.

“This year it’s time to celebrate BBC Earth. An absolute iconic brand of the BBCs, it’s actually an umbrella brand that covers all of the fantastic natural history content that comes out of the famed natural history unit in Bristol in the UK,” he said.

Penn said that there are many ways that audiences can interact with the BBC Earth brand in Australia, from “some of the spectacular TV programs themselves many of you will be familiar with, such as the likes of Frozen Planet, Africa, Blue Planet going all the way to one of my favourites Life on Earth.

“Also through our popular DVD business, which we conduct through Roadshow, through iTunes and of course through where we run full content vertical BBC Earth that we launched only last September, where advertisers and brands can partner with the BBC content,” he said.

The installation in the Argyle Cut was built for BBC by Spinifex. Life Story will air free to air on Nine later this year.

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