Anna Meares On Cadbury’s Olympic Sponsorship: “Look At It In The Human Context”

Anna Meares On Cadbury’s Olympic Sponsorship: “Look At It In The Human Context”

A few years ago Cadbury faced backlash over its sponsorship of the Olympics. The connection between a chocolate brand and a highly intense sporting event raised a few eyebrows.

While similar questions were queried recently in the media when Cadbury Australia announced its sponsorship of the Australian Olympic Committee, gold-medallist cyclist Anna Meares said you just have to look at the human context of it.

“We’re all people,” she told B&T. “Anything in life is done in moderation and you have to be able to have some self-control and some education and some information about what it is you’re putting into your body and why.”

Meares and ridiculously good hurdler Sally Pearson have just been announced as Cadbury ambassadors as part of the chocolate brand’s Olympics sponsorship.

Acknowledging the questions raised as well, Lauren Fildes, head of strategic partnerships and events at Cadbury, reiterated her belief the partnership was a “great fit for the brand”.

“We’re definitely all about educating all Australians about a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet, and I think the partnership with the Australian Olympic Team and Anna and Sally definitely go towards educating Australians that everything is in moderation.”

Meares said she also loves the fact Cadbury don’t have any campaigns around advertising to children.

“The information’s all there. With the information people can then make their own choice and that what it comes down to,” she said.

“I’m not going to be the sort of ambassador that promotes eating and entire block of chocolate. It’s just not who I am. I never have been.

“That’s our indulgence, that’s what brings us moments of joy in high pressure and high stress situations.”

Pearson and Meares were the best athletes for the job, said Fildes, as the Cadbury team wanted ambassadors where the Olympics was the pinnacle of their sporting career.

“For us as the Australian sponsor of the Olympic Team, we wanted our ambassadors where the Olympics was the most important event they would compete in. It just happened that Anna,” said Fildes.

It’s also a little piece of home for the athletes, added Meares, who’s favourite Cadbury treat is the popping candy Marvelous one.

Without revealing what initiatives they have in store, Fildes did put to bed worries the athletes would be donning bright purple tracksuits.

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