“There’s Something You Can Learn From Every Single Person You Meet”: 10 Of The Best With Mindshare’s Kate O’Ryan-Roeder

“There’s Something You Can Learn From Every Single Person You Meet”: 10 Of The Best With Mindshare’s Kate O’Ryan-Roeder

B&T’s ’10 of the best’ series has become quite the hit, so we’re back with another incredible edition for you to get inside the mind of one of adlands finest.

In case you’ve missed it, 10 of the best is our content series in anticipation of B&T’s Best of the Best awards presented by Finecast.

These awards are some of the most unique in the industry because they are dedicated to highlighting individual talent in the industry, rather than focusing on an agency or company.

This year’s awards have introduced a new category – ‘Diversity Champion’ – which is here to show the amazing work done by people in the industry who are creating a more inclusive work environment.

You can find a breakdown of all the different categories HERE, along with a downloadable file outlining the full submission criteria.

Come on, you know you want to enter! Head on over HERE to complete your submission.

To inspire you even more to enter Best of the Best, we’ll be publishing some fab interviews with a number of senior folk from Finecast and the broader WPP AUNZ network over the coming weeks.

Today we have the managing director from Mindshare, Kate O’Ryan-Roeder…

Best piece of career advice? 

Always take time to listen, there is something you can learn from every single person you meet.

Best agency in Australia now (that’s not yours) and why? 

I’ve always loved WhiteGrey’s “tension creates extraordinary” mantra and it results in brilliant work like Volvo’s Living Sea Wall, an ocean conservation project that beautifully marries the brand’s commitment to sustainability with an activation that gives back to society and future generations.

Best leader in diversity/inclusion and why? 

SBS. It’s an obvious one but they continue to be at the forefront of driving awareness of diversity and inclusion within our industry. One of many examples, the recent and free eLearning SBS Inclusion training they are running with the MFA, if you haven’t signed up yet please do!

Best mistake you’ve ever made?

Accidentally picking the media module at Uni and discovering the wonderful world of media.

Best brand you’ve never worked on and why?

Without a heartbeat Qantas. Iconic, proudly Aussie but above all they create such brilliant emotional pull which gets me every single time. Their ads have been known to bring a tear to my eye on occasion and after years of working overseas and travelling it’s a brand that will always have a special place in my heart.

Best song for inspiration and why?

Now I’ve got “I still call Australia home” in my head but that aside I can’t go past “Don’t Stop Believin”. No matter what the situation, belting out that chorus in the car (windows firmly up mind you) always makes the unachievable feel achievable.

Best mentor in your life/career?

In my early career I had a brilliant manager/mentor in London who I owe a huge amount to. They had an equal mix of passion with diplomacy, smarts with patience and, raw honesty with kindness and it helped me enormously in finding my own leadership style. In recent years, it’s my 5 ½ yr old daughter, who ironically also displays a lot of those characteristics (with the exception of patience), and whom inspires me to help make our industry and advertising work better for society.

Best place on your bucket list you want to travel?

I’ve got so many! Top of the list are Machu Picchu, Petra in Jordan and, Egypt (love a bit of ancient history).

Best ad of the past decade?

So many to choose from, but the most recent that springs to mind is the UN Women “When will she’ll be right” campaign they did with the Monkey’s which shines a much needed spotlight on gender inequality in an incredibly powerful way.

Best guilty pleasure?

Heels and champagne!

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