​Veridooh Launches In Australia Promising Digital OOH Verification

​Veridooh Launches In Australia Promising Digital OOH Verification

Veridooh, the world’s first provider of independent digital out-of-home (DOOH) verification, has announced its launch in Australia, with multiple high-revenue global brands using the service since April 2018.

The Sydney-based startup has entered the market to address key pain points faced by media agencies and advertisers in monitoring digital outdoor ads – namely, the difficulty in determining whether a campaign has been delivered precisely in the way it was planned and purchased.

Veridooh’s SmartCreativeTM technology provides DOOH suppliers with proof of a complete delivery for their clients. The proprietary technology tracks, measures, and verifies key metrics, including; ad length, share of voice, number of impressions, exposure time, panels displaying the ad, and location of the panels.

To capture the data, Veridooh converts the standard advertising creative into a SmartCreativeTM. When played by the DOOH Supplier, SmartCreativeTMindependently collects and sends the data in real-time to Veridooh servers where it is automatically analysed and presented in a user-friendly dashboard. The technology immediately and automatically flags results that do not match the booking.

Mo Moubayed (main photo), co-founder of Veridooh, said the company will support increased spend on DOOH advertising in Australia – which was $495 million in 2017 – by providing greater certainty and transparency to the industry.

“Prior to our launch, agencies worldwide have never truly had the option of transparent DOOH monitoring available to them. While most traditional advertising categories continue to struggle, digital outdoor advertising is growing significantly. Our technology gives advertisers and media agencies the confidence to allocate even greater spend on DOOH advertising.

“Veridooh’s SmartCreativeTM technology offers an accurate and independent tracking and measurement service, one that builds trust between DOOH suppliers, advertisers and media agencies to continually reinforce the product category,” said Mo Moubayed.

Steve Geelan, head of platform sales at Adshel, elaborated: “Digital out-of-home (DOOH) is on a strong growth trajectory. Revenue growth over the past four years sits at 30 per cent, with DOOH now contributing nearly half of out-of-home net media revenue.”

The SmartCreativeTM technology, designed specifically for DOOH, is a fully-fledged product currently being used by numerous market participants.

Geelan continued, “Veridooh’s market-ready verification solution is accurate and easily integrated with our system. We are excited to be working alongside Veridooh to bring greater transparency to the DOOH market.”

Ed Couche, founder and managing director of Shopper Media Group, said this of Veridooh: “In a market where every second counts and every metric is scrutinised, Veridooh has an enviable solution, because, for the first time, every single moment of a campaign is trackable.

“By virtue of being an independent third party, Veridooh allows me to prove the campaigns on my network always deliver value to our advertisers.”

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