What Keeps Women Up At Night: NewsLifeMedia Study

What Keeps Women Up At Night: NewsLifeMedia Study

With International Women’s Day coming up on March 8, NewsLifeMedia has released its latest study results revealing that Australian women are more health focused than ever before and that most women have something keeping them awake at night.

Based on NewsLifeMedia’s national research conducted each month, the February 2015 omnibus of more than 750 women found that personal health activities (76%) – health, fitness and nutrition – topped the list of what’s most important to women in 2015.

Overall 98% of women are kept up at night with some sort of personal worry, at least one concern in their lives. Happiness is the number one concern of women surveyed (69%) followed by over two in three women listing their personal health or family health as a concern (68%)  and safety of their children/families or current state of the world (61%).

NewsLifeMedia’s CEO Nicole Sheffield said: “Australian women have told us that personal health is most important to them this year. In fact over 78% of women stated that health and fitness is their goal this year. Women are increasingly realising the connection between their health and wellbeing and all other aspects of their lives – the connection between mind, body and soul. With more focus on being healthy women feel better and look better. Health is their badge of success.

“It’s also very interesting to see what is keeping Australian women up at night this year. This changes slightly with different life stages however overall women are going through their own turbulence concerned about personal happiness and the happiness of their loved ones, health and safety. Our future isn’t clear and this is certainly reflected in the results of this study.”

Half the women surveyed (52%) said securing their finances and saving money is important to them this year.

The research also found that trying new experiences, learning and challenging themselves is of high importance to women this year (48%). Empty nesters are significantly more likely to try new things with learning and discovery most important to them; while one in two women surveyed said it is their goal to travel overseas or domestically this year; and one in four is concerned about achieving their personal goals.

For mothers the study found different priorities. Women recognise that once they become a parent it is more about their family and that what is important to them changes. Time with loved ones tops the list for most important overall (68%) for mums, trying new things and setting challenges as a family is of high importance (64%) along with finances (60%) and improving their family fitness and nutrition (51%). Finding more ‘me time’ so that they can be a better mother (33%) is also important to them.

Sheffield said: “Through NewsLifeMedia’s key verticals of health, home, parenting, food and style, we will continue to develop content that matters most to Australian women. We constantly track and monitor the changes in mood of Australian women to keep on top of consumer sentiment and user trends. This means our relationship with Australian women and her engagement with our brands is constantly evolving as her needs do. Insights ensure that we can form true partnerships with brands who are looking to engage with her on a much deeper level.”

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