US TV Host Goes Live In Outrageously See-Through Dress

US TV Host Goes Live In Outrageously See-Through Dress

(Warning: article includes nudity)

When three female presenters all wore white during a recent Channel Nine interview the ensuing hissy fit by one of the presenters, Amber Sherlock, quickly sent the on-air spat global.

And now another TV presenter is in the news for her wardrobe choice, albeit a distinct lack of it.

US TV presenter Jenny Scordamaglia has hosted her Miami TV entertainment show in a revealing see-through electric blue dress. However, the the 28-year-old took it one step further and went sans bra too. (B&T advises reader and office discretion…)

Scordamaglia appears oblivious to the fact that her bosoms are on show as she nonchalantly chats to the camera.

A quick Google search of Ms Scordamaglia’s work history shows she was a former model who appears to have a penchant for wearing outfits that would make a prostitute blush while taking every opportunity to get naked in public wherever possible.

Apparently (and unsurprisingly) Scordamaglia has a huge online and Twitter following and fans of the presenter range as far and wide as South America, Russia and Africa, too. Channel Nine’s wardrobe department has nothing to fear!

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