Sandilands Weighs In On Erin Molan: “She’s Difficult To Work With”

Sandilands Weighs In On Erin Molan: “She’s Difficult To Work With”

KIIS FM’s Kyle Sandilands has weighed in on the troubles surrounding Nine sports reporter Erin Molan (left in main photo), describing the 37-year-old as being “difficult to work with” on his breakfast show this morning.

According to media reports earlier in the week, Molan and fellow Nine commentator, NRL legend Andrew Johns (right in main photo), have had a massive falling out with Johns reportedly refusing to appear on camera with her during Nine’s telecast of the Rabbits-Raiders final on Friday night. Molan has since been mercilessly trolled on social media.

According to reports, Nine bosses have ordered Molan and Johns to “kiss and make-up” for Sunday’s NRL grand final.

This morning, Sandilands told listeners to the Kyle and Jackie O Show: “I’ve met her [Molan], she’s lovely, but I have heard from multiple sources that she is sometimes difficult to work with.

He then clarified: “Not as in a diva style, but as in [she will say], ‘You can’t say that, you can’t do this’. Maybe some people don’t like having to tiptoe around people?’ Sandilands added.

He then added that every time Molan had appeared on his radio show she’d been “fine”.

Molan had a regular spot on the Kyle and Jackie O Show up until 2014 but apparently quit after being asked inappropriate questions such as how many sportsmen she’d slept with.

That said, Molan has always been considered somewhat of a divisive personality, particularly among league fans who blame her for hastening the demise of Nine’s The Footy Show after she replaced beloved Paul “Fatty” Vautin as host. It’s believed her feud with Johns dates back to Vautin’s axing.

Yesterday, Molan appeared on WSFM’s Jonesy and Amanda show and was visibly upset throughout the interview.

Amanda Keller jumping to Molan’s defence: “I get emotional with this Erin, I don’t understand why people give you a hard time,” Keller said.

“It pisses me off. And I think it’s because you are so professional and you are so good at your job, that I think that men don’t like you being good at what they still see as their world. I admire the pants off you or the eyeballs off you and I just think you are the most professional female and it’s threatened everybody.

“And I just think in a few years time people will look back — same as the Adam Goodes thing — and think what did we do to her,” Keller said.



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  • Luke Chess 8 months ago

    I only had the pleasure of working with Ms Molan once, and briefly, but she was nothing but professional on-camera and friendly off it. It seems from recent reports on the move from 2Day to Mix/Kiis that Sandilands prefers his female co-workers … erm, more compliant. That might be where the real story is.

  • Anne Miles 8 months ago

    There are two sets of rules for men and women in this industry sadly. As a man she would be considered commanding or a great leader.

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