Provocative Women’s Football Ad Kicks Off Sexism Storm

Provocative Women’s Football Ad Kicks Off Sexism Storm

A rather odd ad promoting a women’s football international game has kicked off a row on Ukrainian social media over its hyper sexualised content.

The ad, which you can check out on the Ukrainian women’s football team’s Facebook page here, shows moaning woman, with glossy lips parted in apparent sexual pleasure, before the shot jumps to to the Ukrainian women’s football squad shouting “we’re not faking it!” at the camera.

It first appeared on the Ukrainian sports channel Futbol-1/2 and was meant to promote the FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifier between Ukraine and Croatia.

However, posts to its Facebook page are none too happy about the raunchy nature of the ad.

“Just look at this video, the ending will astonish you. Ukrainian TV channels have hit a new low. No faking, straight up,” wrote one. While another added: “If Ukraine had a real women’s rights movement, it would have filed a lawsuit against this low of sexism and male chauvinism.”

Another penned: “It doesn’t take a lot of brains to work out that sex sells, but if you want to join Europe and become progressive you’ve got to do better than this.”

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