Poo-Pourri Takes You Through The History Of Pooping

Poo-Pourri Takes You Through The History Of Pooping

Poo-Pourri just dropped its new advert which takes you through history to prove we’re all still cavemen when it comes to the number twos.

This 2.5-minute video debuted Thursday on the Poo-Pourri Facebook page. Make bathroom odor a thing of the past with Poo~Pourri—the ORIGINAL Before-You-Go Toilet Spray that traps bathroom odor underneath the water’s surface, so all those around you will smell is a timeless blend of natural essential oils.

Client: Poo-Pourri
Director: Nicole Story
Writer: Nicole Story
Producer: Tess Kelly
Director of Photography: Tel Stewart
Production Company: Number Two Productions
Poo-Pourri CEO: Suzy Batiz
Production Designer: Lindsey Juckem
Art Director: Kee Miller
Hair & Make-up Artist: Danielle Donahue
Wardrobe Stylist: Kathy Eckenbrecht
Editor: Adam Henderson @ Post Op
Colorist: Mike Pethel @ BeachHouse
Sound Design: Glenn Ferguson
Finishing Artist: Mike Jensen
Motion Graphics: Cody Clack @ Post Op
Animation: PostOp
Post Production Producer: Katie Snyder
Composer: Andrew Manson
Set Construction: 3 Sixty Scenery
Poo-Pourri Girl: Bethany Woodruff
Caveman: Liam Buie
Romans: Richard Chavez, Alex Diaz, Danny Shepherd, Davis Harris
Medieval lady: Shiloh Nyce
Medieval maid: Ischa Bee
Outhouse guy: Nicolas Diaz

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