Macca’s Japan Brings Out Chocolate Fries. Yes, You Read That Right

Macca’s Japan Brings Out Chocolate Fries. Yes, You Read That Right

Our tastebuds haven’t seen such an unusual combination since Cadbury partnered up with Vegemite, and yet various reports show Japan is the lucky country to test out McDonald’s chocolate covered fries.

They appear to be exactly what the description says – the thin deep fried sticks of potato drizzled in white and milk chocolate sauce.

Called McChoco Potato the fries have already been making waves around the internet as YouTubers take to video to describe the sensation.

So far though, as much as this reporter’s mind can’t quite come to terms with it, the reports tend to be positive. People seem to like it.

Buzzfeed too tested out the taste and while one writer liked it, the others virtually spat it out.

In a press release, the company said it creates a “wonderful salty and sweet harmonious taste”.

“Japanese customers can now enjoy an ideal combination of McDonald’s French fries drizzled with two types of chocolate sauces – chocolate with cacao flavour and white milk chocolate.

“Customers will find McChoco Potatoes enjoyable for different occasions, as it also makes for a great dessert.”

The Guardian report the bizarre flavour is an attempt to give the fast food chain a boost in Japan, as its numbers are floundering.

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