Location-Based Marketing Presents Top Digital Marketing Opportunity

Location-Based Marketing Presents Top Digital Marketing Opportunity

A just-concluded conference of over 100 leading digital marketing professionals has delivered some critical insights for the local Web Content Management (WCM) industry, highlighting the opportunities that new technologies, such as location-based marketing, can deliver.

Kentico Connection saw digital marketing experts gather from Australia, the Asia-Pacific region, and beyond, for key educational sessions as well as online marketing engagement strategies.

According to a survey undertaken at the conference, 80 per cent of digital marketers attending the conference believed that location-based marketing opportunities presented the greatest opportunity to the digital marketing sector in Australia for 2016, ahead of advertising on new wearable platforms such as smartwatches.

Big Data remains a big concern, smartwatches are not

“The outlook for the local digital marketing sector is very positive, although there are challenges ahead,” Kentico Software director of APAC operations Wayne Jasek said.

“Fifty-five per cent of attendees said that the inability to harness big data, or being overwhelmed by big data, is the biggest challenge facing Australian digital marketers.”

“Interestingly, despite the massive promotional campaigns associated with the launch of the Apple Watch and other smart devices in 2015, a majority (63 per cent) of respondents said they would NOT be looking to native advertising for wearable technologies in the upcoming year.”

Yes to Instagram, no to Snapchat and Tinder

Of the major social platforms that launched in-app advertising in 2015, 65 per cent of digital marketers attending the conference said Instagram video advertising offers the biggest opportunity to reach new markets.

However, local digital marketers are less convinced by Snapchat or Tinder as advertising platforms, with 65 per cent of respondents saying they would not consider either platform for social advertising in 2016.

“Digital marketing and business are changing at a rapid pace. The sector and the economy are increasingly competitive. Platforms that provide marketing automation and content personalisation improve the experience for the marketer and the user,” Get Started CEO Marty Drill said.

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