James Boag Introduces Epicurean Range

James Boag Introduces Epicurean Range

James Boag is elevating the beer drinking experience for Australians, with the release of James Boag Epicurean, a limited edition and Australian-first beer offering.

The new premium range features two varieties: James Boag Epicurean RED and James Boag Epicurean WHITE; both designed to be partnered with fine-dining cuisine.

Inspired by Tasmania’s famed epicurean culture and co-created by renowned chef and owner of Aria Matt Moran, sommelier Matt Dunne and head innovation brewer Simon Hanley, the bespoke beer range will change perceptions, providing the perfect accompaniment to some of Australia’s most exquisite cuisine.

With only a single batch of each variety brewed, the two drops were born from a process beginning with fine dining dishes. Taking into account the food’s complexity and flavour profiles, the beers’ distinctive ingredients, including; 100% Tasmanian Super Pride, Enigma and Helga Hops were then sourced from the Tasmanian wilderness and expertly matched to the dishes to create the perfect unity of beer and fine cuisine.

To accompany red meat dishes, such as wood oven roasted standing ribs or a shoulder of lamb with caramelised onion, James Boag Epicurean RED is full flavoured, and amber in colour. The specialty malts selected give a rounded, fuller mouth feel.

In contrast, the floral and fruity aroma and notes of the WHITE were the perfect match and for lighter dishes, evoking images of charcoal-barbecued fresh seafood such as Moreton Bay bug, lobster or Tasmanian trout. The crisp and refreshing tastes of the Epicurean WHITE act as a palate cleanser in between bites.

Key to the creation process of James Boag Epicurean, Matt Moran says, ³To create a beer that had a place in fine dining, we approached this collaboration with food and the culinary experience top of mind. We¹ve specifically designed two completely unique beers to match the full characteristics and textures of red meat dishes, alongside the lighter and crisp notes of seafood. When it comes to fine dining, beer has never traditionally been considered a drink of choice, however this new addition to the James Boag range provides restaurant guests an alternative to routine choices².

Sommelier Matt Dunne explains how the finest details were examined to ensure a premium experience with every sip, ³In true premium restaurant style both are served in wine glasses to allow for the full range of aromas and flavours to be best received².

Head innovation brewer Simon Hanley says, “Working with experts in the Australian food sphere, such as Matt Moran and Matt Dunne, allowed us to bring the unique characteristics and finest quality Tasmanian ingredients together in a way that¹s not been explored until now.

“Wine has been lucky to be the natural drink of choice when it comes to fine dining. With the James Boag Epicurean range designed specifically to complement the fine dining experience we’re excited to now see how Epicurean evolves the gastronomical experience for the modern man.”

James Boag Epicurean is launching for a limited three-month availability in a selection of hatted restaurants across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Tasmania.


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