Spark Foundry’s Greg Cattelain Talks The Future Of Programmatic

Spark Foundry’s Greg Cattelain Talks The Future Of Programmatic
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Connected TV is not “emerging”, its already here, and it should be embraced as a scalable opportunity by advertisers.

That’s according to head of programmatic at Spark Foundry, Greg Cattelain, who features in PubMatic’s new “The Future of Digital Advertising, Built For You” video series.

Whether due to supply path optimization (SPO), changes in audience targeting and addressability, or governmental regulation, one thing is certain: The future of digital advertising will look fundamentally different than it does today. So, what programmatic trends can we expect in 2022, and the years ahead?

As previously mentioned, Cattelain is adamant connected TV (CTV) represents an exciting opportunity for advertisers. Unsurprisingly, video consumption increased tremendously during the pandemic. As such, Cattelain believes CTV’s share of inventory has now “reached a tipping point in 2022.”

In an effort to take a leadership position in the programmatic space, Cattelain says Spark Foundry is focusing on three key areas: Planning, activation, and measurement.

“From a planning perspective, it’s having the tools that allows us to identify the relevant audience… so we make sure we connect our activation to our data-driven planning,” he says.

“From an activation perspective, it’s really partnering with supply, and the provider, to make sure we take full advantage of the scale of the opportunity, as well as the addressability of the device. From a measurement perspective, [it’s about] developing a solution that allows us to measure business impact through incrementality.”

Spark Foundry’s head of programmatic says PubMatic has been “fantastic” to work with, particularly the people, who he says are always willing to listen and collaborate in order to develop effective products and solutions for Spark Foundry’s future.

“The vision and value they embedded in their product solution has really made a difference,” says Cattelain. “The focus on transparency, on publisher revenue, as well as maximising the value for the advertiser through the supply chain is really key for long term collaboration.”

“SSP [Supply-side platform] is a very competitive market to be in,” he adds. “Seeing what PubMatic has achieved globally, but also locally in a fairly short period of time, I think speaks volumes for the product and solutions.”

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