goa Show Some Love To Abandoned Pets This Valentines Day

goa Show Some Love To Abandoned Pets This Valentines Day

Queensland’s largest outdoor media provider, goa, are encouraging both couples and singles to find real love this February 14. A Valentine’s Day community campaign is in aid of pets who are living at animal shelters around Brisbane and suggests that people should rescue a pet rather than buying extravagant gifts.

The message is being placed on five digital billboard screens throughout Brisbane, with the intention of gaining much needed attention for pets abandoned over the holidays.

After the Christmas season hundreds of pets are left without owners and need a home. Rather than purchasing from a pet store, goa are encouraging potential pet owners to get down to their local shelter and find the perfect furry companion.


The project was inspired by goa’s own strategist, Leigh Morris, whose partner gave her Pepsi, a Border Collie-Blue Heeler cross from a shelter last year on Valentine’s Day. Now a year later goa, Morris and Pepsi are trying to raise awareness of the all too common trend.

“You always hear heartbreaking stories of pets being returned or abandoned because people simply don’t want them,” Morris said. “So I mentioned it to Chris who is the head of the business and we decided to do some good and raise awareness.”

“Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to bring this message to the people of Brisbane” goa’s CEO and managing director Chris Tyquin said.

“Through goa’s digital network this campaign will reach hundreds of thousands of people. It’s a positive, thoughtful message on an occasion that can otherwise be very commercial.

“This Valentine’s Day we’re asking that Brisbane gives the gift of a pet’s unconditional love”.

The billboards are located in suburbs: Newstead, Bowen Hills, Fortitude Valley, Clayfield & Hamilton. They can be viewed live at www.goacam.com.au.

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