Delta Airlines’ New Goofy Safety Video: Funny Or Plain Bad?

Delta Airlines’ New Goofy Safety Video: Funny Or Plain Bad?

If you love the Internet, you’ll probably have a good ol’ chuckle at Delta Airlines’ latest air safety video.

Stuffed with all things that have dominated the web, such as the amazement of double rainbows, annoying talking oranges and dramatic chipmunks, the US airline is continuing its goofy videos with the ‘The Internetest safety video on the Internet’.

The video was created by Wieden + Kennedy in New York, according to AdWeek and will begin airing in Delta flights from May 25.

It’s Friday. Which means it’s okay to take a cheeky six-minute break from work to have a watch. At last check, the YouTube link has been viewed nearly 1.5 million times since being uploaded on Wednesday.

However, not everyone has been lauding the video. Quirky air safety videos have been around for some time, take Air New Zealand’s parade of them, and Canadian news site CBC questions whether the latest video from Delta is trying too hard.

Newsweek’s Polly Mosendz also called the video “cringeworthy”, suggesting, with a bit of tongue-in-cheek, the airline has only just got onto the Internet and so feels the need to “make up for lost time”.

This guy also clearly doesn’t like it.

As usual though, the Internet is divided on the Internetest Video ever.

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