Convert Digital Partners With Cloud-Native Headless Platform commercetools

Convert Digital Partners With Cloud-Native Headless Platform commercetools

Australian e-commerce website design and development agency Convert Digital has announced a new strategic partnership with cloud-native headless commerce platform, commercetools.

The partnership is set to open up new opportunities for Asia-Pacific retailers and wholesalers in a market that is increasingly realising the benefits of creating a more agile and adaptable online experience.

Gartner has identified that by 2023, organisations that have adopted a composable approach to e-commerce enabled by MACH (microservices, API-first, cloud-native, headless) architecture will outpace their competition by 80 per cent.

Andrew Waite, founder and managing director of Convert Digital, said: “Partnering with commercetools demonstrates our commitment to delivering fit-for-purpose solutions across a growing number of industries and applications.

“Backed by its API-first approach, with commercetools we’re creating memorable commerce experiences with more flexibility and a faster time to market than ever before.”

Convert Digital lays claim to being to be the first truly agnostic e-commerce agency in the APAC region, with a focus on identifying the right platform fit for each merchant.

The agency has seen exponential growth since its launch in 2014, now boasting an impressive client list including Cadbury, Modibodi, CAMILLA AND MARC, Puma, Esther & Co., Makeup Cartel, Taylors Wines and more.

Built on modern MACH principles, commercetools offers merchants the opportunity to reduce operating costs and cut tech debt.

Founded in 2010 by German entrepreneur Dirk Hoerig, its APAC clients include Qantas, Kmart Australia, Bailey Nelson, Breville, Baby Bunting and Koala.

Joshua Emblin, territory director for APAC at commercetools, said: “Convert Digital is a leading e-commerce agency with world-class implementation capabilities that support headless commerce.

“With this partnership, I am confident we are able to offer our enterprise customers scalable, fast, flexible e-commerce solutions that will accelerate speed to market.

“Convert Digital have long been a respected player in the market, having delivered class-leading experiences for a number of household brands and retailers in the ANZ market.

“Their strong technical team have quickly adopted leading-edge technologies such as next.js, which will add tremendous value to their customers as they develop headless and composable architectures.”

Convert Digital’s existing e-commerce platform partners include Shopify Plus, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and BigCommerce.

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