Digital is disrupting business. Since the year 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 have disappeared. In the age of the digital customer keeping your customers engaged depends on the quality of the digital experience you deliver. To deliver such excellence, you need real time actionable insights, not just lots of data. You also need relevance and collaboration. As teams we need to work together using common measures and metrics. By working together we can help achieve more conversions, faster releases, and simpler operations. I work for Dynatrace, the global leader in application and digital performance management. We understand that every digital moment and every touch point is vital to your business. I regularly blog on this topic, and speak in the media about digital disruption and customer experience. I’d be happy to share with you industry insights of how other companies in your industry are using our solutions to achieve digital success. You can contact me below: (dave.anderson@dynatrace.com), phone +44 77 646 270 80 or send me a free InMail via LinkedIn. For media opportunities you can connect with me, or Frances Ward: frances.ward@solidink.com.au
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