Tony’s top trends unleashed!

Tony’s top trends unleashed!

The Federal Election has been called, the campaign has begun, and the people are turning to the one they can trust: Google.

The top trending election search terms over the last 30 days has been released by Google, providing an insight into what the public want to know about their potential future leader.

Asylum seekers and the PNG refugee deal, plus the fringe benefit tax, have shown to be very important issues to voters.

A major factor in the search trends was around Tony Abbott’s past.

"Australians are as interested as ever in Tony Abbott’s personal background with searches about his daughters, sister, religion, and even his former boxing career. When it comes to policy issues, the ALP’s cut to the fringe benefit tax saw Australians coming to Google to find out what Tony Abbott’s position was on the change,” said a spokesperson for Google.

Kevin Rudd’s most searched topics come as no surprise, with ‘apology’, ‘FBT’ and ‘PNG’ in the top five for the current PM. Tony Abbott’s trending searches were similar, with a few notable exceptions, including ‘daughters’, ‘kiss’ and ‘voldemort’.

Check out Tony Abbott’s 30 highest trending searches:

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