Jingle Bells! A Wham-Tastic Christmas To All Our B&T Readers!

Jingle Bells! A Wham-Tastic Christmas To All Our B&T Readers!

That’s it! B&T has racked the cue, stuffed our stocking and basted our bird for 2017.

Yep, this is our final newsletter for the year and we’d just like to take the opportunity to thank all our loyal readers for coming along for the ride over the past 12 months.

And we’d also like to pull a cracker or two with our fantastic advertisers and supporters who’ve loaned their names to B&T’s many ventures throughout 2017 – our website, magazine and innumerable (if slightly boozy) events.

Plus, hearty festive cheer to our many disloyal readers, the defamation lawyers (hello, Channel Seven!), one particular media site and its petty potshots, and anyone else who may have stopped by over the past 12 months. To you, we’d like to say thank you all for your semi-wavering support.

It’s been a year with just too many highlights, most of which we can’t remember and won’t bore you with here. We were planning some sort of exhaustive, authoritative “year in review”, however, quickly thought better of it when we realised how much work was involved.

We’ll be back on deck come January the 8th and let’s do this whole roller-disco-derby we prefer to call the advertising and marketing industries once again in 2018.


And we could’ve signed-off with the 10 best Christmas ads of 2017 or even a tediously dull W. H. Auden poem, but instead we leave you with quite possibly the most irritating song ever recorded. 

Yes, it’s Wham!’s Last Christmas to enjoy or, similarly, rage at, where poor George Michael has to spend the entire film-clip freezing his nuts off and dismally failing at pretending to be even remotely heterosexual.

Until 2018 – adieu, Merry Christmas and here’s to an invincible 2018 to all who sail on you.

Love ya,

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