Switch Media’s New Technology To Increase Streaming Advertising Revenue For TV Networks

Switch Media’s New Technology To Increase Streaming Advertising Revenue For TV Networks

Switch Media’s new technology to increase streaming advertising revenue for TV networks.

Switch Media, one of the world leaders in content streaming technology, has made it easier for broadcasters to maximise advertising revenues from their streaming services with the launch of its new AdEase Live solution.

Following on from the company’s successful launch of the server-side ad insertion solution AdEase, Switch Media expanded the solution to enable networks to easily and seamlessly insert ads into their live OTT streamed service.

Mark Wilson, Switch Media’s COO and head of product, said as the streaming market continued to evolve, broadcasters were now wanting to ensure their streaming service was at the same broadcast quality that people grew up with on their televisions.

“While live streaming of programs is now in the mainstream and has reached a tremendous level of quality, we often see the viewer experience fall over when the advertising kicks in,” Wilson said.

“Our recent consumer research showed that buffering from client-side ad-insertion and adverts appearing at inappropriate times during the program was a frustration for viewers and could see them stop using the service.

“AdEase Live, which easily plugs into a clients’ existing infrastructure, has the capability to detect and set custom triggers in a live stream to identify suitable points for ad insertion into a live video stream.”

AdEase Live – which will be showcased at the NAB Show in Las Vegas from April 9-12 – is technology agnostic, enabling it to work across any player, CMS and platform (including IOS, Android, desktop/web, SmartTV and other OTT devices) to serve ads on-the-fly at fitting times during a live broadcast.

Wilson said in addition to seamless transitions between programs and advertising, AdEase Live makes it easy for networks to replace advertising on their live TV broadcast by replacing advertising for their streamed audiences.

“While content from reality TV and live sports are replicated on both traditional broadcast and streaming services, AdEase Live makes it easy to have different advertisers appearing across both avenues,” Wilson said.

“This enables network ad sales teams to offer potential advertisers a more targeted range of demographic markets to cater for viewing preferences like 18 to 24-year-olds prefer to watch content on hand-held devices, while 65+ prefer conventional TV’s, as highlighted in our recent research.

“AdEase Live stitches dynamic ads directly into the content which results in a continuous video stream that is not only harder to isolate and block but eliminates buffering.

“This significantly enhances the audience viewing experience which ultimately increases ad completion for maximum ad revenue.”

AdEase Live also:

  • Complies with IAB standards for VAST, VMAP and DAAST.
  • Provides flexibility and integration services for additional customisations.
  • Significantly improves data transactions and server to server data syncing when it comes to driving addressability and data-based advertising personalisation.
  • Enables ad insertion to be done either in-band or via inline manifest triggers.
  • Provides just in time ad calling, configurable options for pre-buffering back-up ads.


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