Sunrise Journo Mugged At Gunpoint Moments After Live Cross

Sunrise Journo Mugged At Gunpoint Moments After Live Cross

A Channel Seven reporter has been mugged merely moments after appearing on a Sunrise live cross.

The incident took place in London with reporter Laurel Irving and cameraman Jimmy held up at gunpoint as the robbers attempted to grab $25,000 worth of camera gear.

The men had pulled up beside Irving on bicycles and were wearing balaclavas.

Speaking to 3AW’s Ross and John, Irving said she initially tried to fight the robbers, however, stopped when she realised how serious the situation was.

“I tried to grab the camera and (the cameraman) yelled ‘No, no – he’s got a gun!’,” Irving told Ross and John.

“So I let it go and they took off.”

Irving was quick to snap a photo of the robbers as they cycled away.


The robbery echoes a similar incident two years ago when Channel Nine journalists were robbed while covering the Rio Olympics.

Though, in that instance, the robber used a brick as a weapon, rather than a gun.


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