Seek Asks ‘Why Settle?’ In Support Of The Commonwealth Games

Seek Asks ‘Why Settle?’ In Support Of The Commonwealth Games

To promote SEEK’s role in helping recruit the 35,000 strong workforce for this year’s Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games (GC2018), the brand has extended their ‘Why Settle?’ proposition into a playful campaign highlighting the fact that a fulfilling career is closer than people think.  

The campaign sees the brand search for a “Coach” to help support the games workforce, but an unlikely character turns-up and assumes the role.

Through this character’s interactions with the various Commonwealth Games employees we learn of what it means to work in a fulfilling role.

A suite of playful content aims to promote a campaign page on SEEK which helps those who would consider themselves in an unfulfilled role – giving them helpful hints and guidance to search & land their next ideal move.

Jenn ten Seldam, Marketing Director at SEEK says, “Here at SEEK we’re all about helping people live a more fulfilling & productive working life with the Commonwealth Games workforce being the embodiment of this.

“We wanted to celebrate this spirit by highlighting some of the Games Shapers behind GC2018 and the many reasons they’ve made the decision to join the games…”


“Our ambition here is to inspire those who recognise they are in need of a change to ask ‘Why Settle?’.”

The campaign features Nicholas Boshier (Bondi Hipsters, Jeremy the Dud, Beached Az) as Gene Wedland; an international motivator, entrepreneur, vibe consultant and life coach who has “turned up for the job he wants”.

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