Samsung Uses New Fortnite Skin To Stop Cyberbullying

Samsung Uses New Fortnite Skin To Stop Cyberbullying

Samsung in Brazil has just launched a new initiative in partnership with Fortnite to fight a new kind of cyberbullying.

Kids without skins (a graphic asset that changes the appearance of characters in video-games without interfering in players abilities or impact) are now being treated poorly by other gamers because they don’t have the means to acquire such skins. The players without skins even have a “nickname”: The Defaults.

Cheil Brazil used the new skin launched globally by Samsung and Fortnite to help fight this toxic behaviour. The Aura Glow skin is the first brand skin in Fortnite that can be donated to another player including those that have none.

We invited the biggest Fortnite influencers in Brazil to join the movement, highlighting this matter by donating Glow Skin to Default players during their live stream, and encouraging everyone to do the same with their friends.

“The gaming community is super competitive and sometimes this competitiveness can become toxic. But this same community can also be incredibly united, so the idea behind the anti-bullying skin was for the community to self-correct and find a way to help everyone enjoy the best of Fortnite,” said Cheild CCO in Latin America Claudio Lima.

Whoever has a Galaxy from a big list of devices that include the S, Note and Tab families has the opportunity to download the Glow skin for free. This is great news especially for those players who cannot afford a new skin, which can cost up to U$50.

It’s important to highlight that the Glow can be donated even to other brand devices. The Skin is available to redeem and donate until December 31st.


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